Heat and Health Virtual Poster Session

Please learn more about innovative projects happening in Hong Kong and around the world, which were showcased during the First Global Forum on Heat and Health.

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Name: David Tan
Institution: United Nations University
Title: Reducing Residential Air-Conditioning (AC) Use in the Tropics: Systems Dynamics Scenarios of Climate Sensitive Buildings in Malaysia

Name: Jerome Faucet & Tran Dinh Trong
Institution: German Red Cross & IMHEN
Title: Reducing the adverse public health effects of heat waves on Hanoi’s most vulnerable populations

Name: Richard Lalou
Institution: MERIT / IRD-Université Paris-Descartes
Title: Is heat stress really a human health problem in hot countries? Heat acclimatization and vulnerabilities of people living in the Sahel. The case of Senegal

Name: Subhash Chander Bhan
Institution: India Meteorological Department, New Delhi
Title: Heat Wave Warnings: Thresholds, Customization, Dissemination and Cooperation in India

Name: Kiswendsida Hyacinthe GUIGMA
Institution: University of Sussex

Name: Miloslav Belorid
Institution: NIMS/KMA
Title: Development of impact-based forecasting system for heat waves in South Korea, integrated with Limited–area ENsemble prediction System (LENS)

Name: Ji-Sun LEE
Institution: NIMS/KMA
Title: Building scale Heat-stress and health impact assessment by land cover based on BioCAS-PT

Name: Changbum CHO
Institution: NIMS/KMA
Title: The Korean Heat-Health Warning System (HHWS) on a national and an urban scale

Name: V. Anne Burg
Institution: Rollins College
Title: The Impact of Global Warming on Permafrost-locked Pathogens

Name: Brenda Jacklitsch
Institution: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)/National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)
Title: Occupational Exposure to Heat Stress and Hot Environments

Name: Paulina PY WONG
Institution: Lingnan University
Title: A vertical approach to monitoring microclimates of urban street canyons

Name: Leung Yu Ting
Institution: School of Energy and Environment, City University of Hong Kong
Title: Urban heat islands in Hong Kong: Statistical modeling and trend detection

Name: Cheung King Yeung
Institution: City University of Hong Kong
Title: Heat stress in future Hong Kong

Name: Emily Chan
Institution: CCOUC
Title: Effects of High Temperature on Existing Allergic Symptoms Among Adu;ts: An Exploratory Cross-Sectional Telephone Study

Name: EMily Chan
Institution: CCOUC
Title: Personal Heat Protective Measures During the 2017 Heatwave in Hong Kong: A Telephone Survey Study