Scientific journal ‘Climate’ announces special issue on "Climate Change, Heat Waves, and Human Health"

Heatwaves have serious effects on human health and wellbeing. Heat waves kill but their effects are often invisible. Heat-related deaths are generally preventable through low cost interventions. The research evidence base needs to catch up with the rapid development of national and local heat-health warning systems based on daily meteorological alerts, which can be linked to actions that protect human health. Looking forward, national met services are likely to develop seasonal forecasts for hot summers.

With this in mind, ‘Climate’, an open access journal on climate science is creating a special issue on “Climate Change, Heat Waves, and Human Health”. The journal will provide a platform a unique platform to advance knowledge on an issue which is exhibiting growing importance.

This special issue will focus on heatwaves and their impacts; how future climate change will affect future exposures; and the policies, strategies and measures to address these changing risks. For more information on the editorial requirements for submission, please see the following guidance from ‘Climate’ below.

“We welcome studies on climate services for heatwaves. We particularly value research that evaluates the usefulness of heatwave forecasts and alerts, and identifies the needs of users of heatwave forecasts, as well as the formal evaluation of heat health warning systems. Research on trends in heatwaves and health-relevant exposures is welcome, including papers that attempt to attribute observed increases in extreme temperatures to anthropogenic climate change. Finally, we welcome research on projections of heat waves and very extreme temperatures that will test our limits to adaptation. We particularly welcome submissions on heatwaves in low and middle income countries.”

For submission details please see: